Akasha, Queen of the Damned

This is the oldest project I could find photos for. I started making it in April 2007 (I was 20) for Halloween that year, and wore it again for Halloween in 2008. I recall the total cost being somewhere in the neighbourhood of $400; between the fabric and crafting supplies and using eBay as a resource, it was quite the involved project. Here’s the inspiration photo I used:

The pattern I used for the skirt was a now out-of-print Simplicity costume pattern. I’ve tried to find it but no luck! The closest ones they have now are numbers 2158, 2941 and 5359. I made mine in black satin with a chiffon overskirt. The gold beads around the waistband were hand stitched on.

Of course, there was still more work to be done. I picked up some modelling clay at Michaels as well as a massive quanity of hotfix rhinestones on eBay, and started shaping and attaching the stones.

The panel down the front of the skirt was quite a lot of effort. Most people I know would have just taken a straight up sheet of craft foam, painted it and called it a day. I am not most people. I attacked the sheets of craft foam with my rotary cutter and quilting mat, paint and glitter, and ended up with this:

What can I say, I’m a sucker for the details! The headpiece was more modelling clay and paint, along with loads of wire, felt, paint, and fabric starch.

And of course, the finished project! The silver armbands and wrist gauntlets were eBay purchases. The necklace was MANY hours of beads and wire, and the fabric on the armbands is more black chiffon. The bra was an older one I still had; I used a glue gun to create the raised swirls and then painted it.

This was one of my all time favourite costumes. I was happy with the two years of wear I got out of it, and eventually sold it to a local stag shop that does costume rentals for Halloween.

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