Alice & the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

Halloween 2010 was Devin’s and my first Halloween in BC, and as a married couple. I was beyond thrilled for the opportunity to do a couples’ costume, and he was more than willing to let me get a little out of control with it.

We both loved Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, so Devin decided that was his costume. I didn’t particularly like any of Alice’s costumes in the Tim Burton movie, so I went with a different interpretation of the classic Alice costumes I’ve seen.

The pattern for his jacket was Simplicity 2333, and the rest was either put together from his wardrobe or purchases. The hat was one of my creations from scratch.

The pattern for my costume was Simplicity 2546, with some modifications.

Let’s begin with Devin’s Mad Hatter costume, as the hat was my favourite part. I started with the hat and the rest came along on its own. The hat was a cardboard/bristol board/duct tape creation. Once I’d created my base (which I forgot to take photos of), I stretched some green spandex over the cardboard and started attaching it.

I also had lace to stretch over it, to add more of the texture. I cut circles for the brim and sewed them along the bottom edge of the hat so it was basically just floppy fabric.
At this point I bent a coat hanger into the correct shape for the edge of the bring and made sure I tightly stitched the fabric over it so it didn’t hang down too far.

There was also some fabric painting to be done, along with a feather and the scarf to add.

I also made the hatpins and the 10/6 paper. I can’t find any of my photos of just the paper but it does show in the pictures we took later. 

His jacket was brown twill, lined in alternating purple and lime green for a flash of colour. After assembling it, I distressed it a bit and randomly sponged on fabric paint so it wasn’t straight boring brown.

My costume was fairly straightforward; I followed the pattern and just changed up the colours where it suited me. I did two layers on the skirt, and added a giant bow at the back of the skirt. I also added the black piping along the corset, and the little apron. I didn’t really take many progress photos of my costume, just the bag of fabric and cutting out the pieces. 

The rest of the photos I have are of the finished project, both us just goofing around and some photos a friend took of us.

Devin won first prize in a costume contest as the Hatter, and then we sold the costumes to the aforementioned stag shop that does Halloween rentals. 

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