Belle, Beauty & the Beast

Since I was little, Belle has been my all-time favourite Disney princess. When I was a kid I had an amazing Belle costume my mom had bought, and done some seriously awesome work on the skirt to actually make it poofy. She also made me a Mrs. Potts costume out of an old wedding dress.

I knew I wanted to do a Belle dress again when I was older (this was 2009), but of course Halloween parties at my age usually involve bars, clubs and places were long skirts aren’t exactly the wisest choice. Of course, this meant doing the typical ‘skank’ version of what would otherwise be a really nice costume! I tried to keep it as non-skanky as I could, as least I wasn’t flashing any inappropriate parts.

The exact pattern I used isn’t in print anymore, but Simplicity #2400 is almost the exact same.

Basically I cut everything out as per the pattern, but shortened the length of the fabric so it came to just below my knees. From the bottom of the bodice boning, I ran a ribbon through the seam allowance on each seam to create the ruching on the skirt. I used a lighter yellow tulle for the sash that hangs between each fabric panel, as well as yellow ribbon to create roses to hold the tulle at each seam. 

The off-the-shoulder sleeves were rectangles of fabric that I pleated and then stitched along the top of the bodice. Each seam in the dress was hand-beaded for sparkle, and beads were added randomly across the sleeves. The petticoat was a quick creation of my own, covered in lace that I added rhinestones to. It was just a bunch of white craft netting attached to the lining of the skirt, with lace sewn on the bottom.

My shoes were a thrift store find, they used to be light pink satin. They were painted yellow, rhinestoned like crazy, and I painted the bottoms Louboutin red because I am in love with that style.

I really wish there were better photos of this dress. I found a few of the inbetween process, though, as well as my shoes! This is another one that was later cleaned and sold to a local shop that now rents it out.

Extra bonus; my friend asked me to make her a vampire costume to wear at the nightclub she worked at. She decided on a corset and bustle skirt.

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