Black Widow, The Avengers

In September 2012, I volunteered for a fundraiser called The Drop Zone. We raised money to support Easter Seals camps on Vancouver Island. The participants got to be superheroes for a day; we all dressed in silly costumes and rappelled down a 13 storey office building! I raised almost $2000, and overall the fundraiser brought in $140,000. 

I didn’t have a lot of time to pull together a costume, so I made a quick interpretation of The Black Widow as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. The pattern was Simplicity 2067, with quite a few modifications. Instead of pants, a corset and a bolero jacket, I threw them all together and stuck a zipper down the middle. It was quite the experience working with spandex, but loads of fun.

Since all the separate pieces weren’t designed to fit together, it was quite the challenge making it work. I had to try it on a zillion times, but in the end it all came together. The costume itself is black spandex, the gun holster is black webbing, widow belt is modelling clay and grosgrain ribbon. The bullet bracelets are PVC pipe and modelling clay spraypainted black, and the Avengers logo on my shoulders was hastily painted on the night before with fabric paint.

This was one of the shots taken by the local Navy newspaper (the Fleet Club was one of my main sponsors), showing the building behind me that I’d be rappelling down.

Yes, I wore high heels for this. Yes, I am slightly insane.

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