Sewing Projects

New Year, New Dress!

Devin was still deployed over New Year’s Eve, so K and I went out together. I figured if I couldn’t have my husband I could at least have a fabulous dress! This is an extreme modification of Simplicity 2054. I had the pattern from a dress I made for my work Christmas party (of which there are zero flattering photos), and used it as a guideline to come up with this one. A lot of it was measuring and redrawing on the pattern tissue, so much that I don’t know if I could even consider it from this pattern anymore.

I used black spandex, black stretch mesh, and black stretch sequin mesh. Also, an insane amount of black hotfix rhinestones. It took me longer to rhinestone the dress than it did to put it together.

The progress photos are fairly crap quality, so I’ll just stick with the finished product! One is before rhinestones (in which I stupidly did not wear a strapless bra), and one is after. The completely finished dress, I am wearing a wig as I ran out of time to do my hair on NYE.

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