Dark Phoenix, Storm & Emma Frost, The X-Men

Halloween 2012: definitely one of my greatest Halloween costuming experiences yet! I finally had enough friends willing to do a group costume. Devin was still deployed, but managed to time his leave for Halloween so he could join in as Wolverine. I went as Dark Phoenix, J was Emma Frost (her husband is Cyclops), and K was Storm. 

Storm’s costume was the easiest but most tedious. K bought her jumpsuit on eBay, but it was up to me to add the white trim and make her belt. We bought a massive quantity of thin white elastic cord, and I spent a ridiculous number of hours handstitching it to her suit. I thought of zig-zagging it on the machine but it didn’t look quite right, and some pieces were just too narrow to do it without taking the suit apart. Her belt was wide decorative elastic, craft foam cut into the belt buckle shape, and loads of clear gloss.

Emma Frost’s was entirely from scratch. I used the same pattern as my Black Widow costume (Simplicity 2067), with plenty of modifications. Since the illustrators of comic books don’t seem to care about giving women actual shoes, I took on the challenge of building them into her pants. I added a lot of extra fabric to the bottom of the legs on the pattern, and then started pinning around her shoes to make it work. The corset was a re-work of the original pattern, and took a few fittings to get it just right. Her entire costume was thick white athletic spandex, with white chiffon for her cape. The cape was just draped into the corset and then hemmed. 

Her diamond glove was another story.. I sold J on the idea of being Emma Frost by telling her that Emma can shift into diamond form. Of course, this meant I had to make it happen. Some flesh-toned spandex mesh, hundreds of beads and rhinestones, and many hours later.. she had a very sparkly hand.

My costume was a bit more of a challenge than I was expecting, but entirely worth it. I used KwikSew K3052, with modifications. I switched the zipper to the back, and went rather off book for the gloves and boots. The suit ended up being elbow and knee length out of the red metallic spandex, and the gloves and boots were sewn on separately. It is entirely one piece from neck to fingertips to toes. The gloves were copied from a pair of opera gloves I already owned, and the boots were done by pinning spandex over my legs and shoes, tracing the seams and then hoping for the best. Overall, I’m ecstatic with how it turned out. 

The phoenix logo was taken from one of the comics, photoshopped til it wasn’t warped by her boobs, and then I blew it up and traced it onto the spandex. A smaller one was printed for the belt clasp, which is craft foam covered in spandex and some hotfix rhinestones because I can’t resist glitter. The belt is a rectangle of gathered spandex, and separately sewn on ties cut on an angle.

There is a link of some progress photos for Dark Phoenix here on imgur, as I am too lazy to save them and repost them here! 

Below are some awesome photos of our finished costumes, taken at Hatley Castle where X2 and X3 were filmed. This was used as Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

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