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Petticoats Everywhere!

Sometimes, I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. I absolutely adore skirts with volume, like those worn in the 50’s. The dress I plan to wear for my wedding anniversary requires a petticoat, along with the one for my husband’s deployment homecoming, and my Rose Tyler costume. I decided white would work for all of them, and got to sewing.

Petticoats are actually quite easy to make, just tedious. I started with two rectangles of white cotton fabric, 44″ each, and stitched them at the sides. I made a waistband casing for elastic, which is the easy way! I added another tier of cotton that was four rectangles at  44″ each, gathering them to fit the upper tier. 

Then, the netting began.

There’s 4 metres of white craft netting as the upper layer, 8 metres of white tulle folded over once as the middle layer, and another 8 metres of tulle folded in 4 layers on the bottom. All of it was gathered and pinned to the cotton in separate goes, and then stitched on. It was a slightly irritating process. I will admit I love the look of gathered fabric, but I absolutely loathe having to gather it. 

This is one of the layers of tulle being pinned on after gathering.

Stitching on the middle layer of tulle after putting the top layer of netting. I really should’ve started at the bottom and worked my way up.

Pinning the upper layers of the netting out of the way to pin the lower layers on.

Finished, and poofy! 

I’ve also been working on a petticoat for underneath my TARDIS gown (that post is up next), and it’s gradually gotten bigger. When I initially posted the TARDIS, it was just the overskirt fabric. The petticoat has now been completed. It started out as 10 metres of gathered netting on 3 metres of lining, but I decided I wanted more poof. 

I popped into the fabric store after work to discover that they actually had black bridal crinoline in stock. I’ve only ever seen white, so I jumped on the opportunity.

12 metres of gathered crinoline (and one curious kitten) later, it’s able to stand on its own. Creepy.

I had to pin it to the lining, which had already been gathered for the netting, so it wasn’t an easy task. I ended up stretching the petticoat over a storage bin I had to get the fabric as straight as possible, and then started pinning.

Did I mention that I loathe actually sewing on any form of netting, tulle or crinoline? But it turns out so well, I can’t resist.

I really wish they had crinoline in every colour of the rainbow, but I can work with black crinoline over navy netting. This has certainly improved the TARDIS gown, and once I’m done embellishing it there will be many more photos! 

Ginger wanted to help me gather the crinoline.

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