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Rose Tyler, Idiot’s Lantern – Fabric & Shoes!

One of my costumes for Fan Expo Vancouver will be Rose Tyler in the episode The Idiot’s Lantern. I fell in love with her satin and sequin dress when I first saw the episode, and decided it had to happen. None of the fabric stores near me carried duchess satin in the right colour, or sequined fabric. I had to resort to ordering online, and hoping the colours were right!

I lucked out with some great sequined fabric, but the pink satin I got came out a bit more rose pink than I was expecting. By the time it arrived here I’d spent way too much money on the fabric itself, shipping and duty/taxes bringing it into Canada, so I’ve decided to just go with it. I like the colour itself and will definitely wear the dress, it’s just not quite screen accurate. After $120 on fabric/shipping/duty, I wasn’t about to go buy more, though.

I haven’t even cut out the fabric yet, I got caught up with my TARDIS ballgown and then had to remind myself I had over 6 metres of black stretch poly satin waiting to be made into a dress for my wedding anniversary. While I was waiting for the fabric, I started working on the accessories. I have my sunglasses, jacket and flower pin. Waiting on the rhinestone ring and the correct wig. 

Because I’m slightly overambitious, and really in love with getting the details right on an outfit, I decided to recreate the $800 Agent Provocateur Jessica pumps Billie Piper wore on the show. Here’s the original shoes, followed by the ones I modified.

I found a pair of nude patent pumps at Aldo, and got to work! I traced the shape of the peeptoe onto the shoe and cut it out with an exacto knife. Many coats of Peppermint Pink acrylic paint later, and I was ready to start adding trim. This is skinny black ribbon carefully glued to the edges of the shoes. The bows in the background are from craft foam painted with the same acrylic paint, and trimmed with black nail polish as the ribbon didn’t like going around curves.

Bows are attached, all trim is done!

I wanted to protect the paint and still get the patent leather look, so there’s something like 12 coats of clear acrylic spray on these babies now. I’m insanely happy with how they turned out.

3 thoughts on “Rose Tyler, Idiot’s Lantern – Fabric & Shoes!”

  1. Amazing job with the shoes! They look terrific, now if only the gorgeous David Tennent would appear to take you for a ride on his scooter 😀

    1. Thanks! 🙂 David Tennant would be fun, but my husband will be dressing as him for Fan Expo anyway. We were talking about renting a scooter to take pictures!! Downside is they only have red ones, not blue.

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