Costuming, Doctor Who

The TARDIS Ballgown is finished!

It’s finally done and I am so excited!!! 120 hours, a stupid amount of money, 1500+ rhinestones, 10m netting, 12m crinoline, nearly 10m fabric, and it is done.

For hilarity I’m adding a photo of the interesting way I had to do some of the rhinestones. I have a couple of HotFix tools, and sometimes when trying to attach the stones to fabric, they get stuck in the tip of the tool. When this happens, I have to maneuver awkwardly to reach a pin to get it out, which usually means holding the tool in my mouth to keep the stone on the fabric.

Below is the entire imgur album of photos. Best friend K came with me and took many shots this evening while it was still sunny out, so there’s loads of the finished project.

I’m not taking commissions for this dress, as far as I’m concerned it’s one of a kind. This exact dress has since been sold and is in a wonderful new home.

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