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The TARDIS Ballgown Gets Around!

It always amazes me when the internet gets a hold of something and just goes wild with it. I experienced it last summer when my husband wrote a box of love letters for me to read during his deployment. The original post on Reddit took off and next thing I knew there were newspaper articles and TV interviews and all sorts of crazy. It died down after a bit, but our reunion still ended up being televised.

It’s happening again with the TARDIS ballgown and I have to admit, I’m quite excited that this time it’s for something that I made.

When I initially posted my progress photos of the dress, it went a bit viral and loads of people were crediting both my Reddit username and the lovely lady who actually came up with the concept, Anne-Louise Richards. As amazing as it was, I have to admit that the perfectionist in me was a bit cranky that the unfinished dress was making the rounds, so I promised myself that when I was finished I’d catch up with all the places that initially posted it and send them the finished product.

I posted the dress on Reddit last Thursday night after getting back from taking photos of it. Here it is just about a week later, and it seems it’s making the rounds on the blogs and Doctor Who related Facebook pages. I am insanely excited for the exposure the dress is getting, I only wish that there was more traffic going to both this blog and to Anne-Louise instead of my reddit account. While it’s fun having my face plastered all over it, Anne-Louise definitely deserves more credit for being the one who drew the dress in the first place! I’ve updated the imgur album description in the hopes that will help.

Just for fun I’m keeping a log of all the places I’ve seen the dress pop up. If you happen to find any others, please let me know. 🙂

Geeks Are Sexy
Fanboy Fashion
The Mary Sue
Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle (2nd post)
Fashionably Geek
When Geeks Wed
Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle (1st post)
Just The Doctor

As I’ve said in other posts I am considering offers on this dress. If you’re interested please contact me; I’m not holding anyone to their offers until after this weekend so it doesn’t hurt to inquire. is where you can reach me.

After the expo this weekend I will have more photos to share of the costumes I’ve created for this weekend. As a sneak peek, here’s a photo of the partially finished pockets of my husband’s blazer for his 11th Doctor costume:


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