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The TARDIS Ballgown and the 11th Doctor go to Fan Expo Vancouver

Just a quick post to share some photos from Saturday at Fan Expo! None of these photos were taken by myself or the husband, all credit goes to the respective photographers linked. 🙂 Waiting for photos of our Sunday outfits as 10 & Rose to appear!

We had an absolutely amazing weekend. The TARDIS ballgown was a hit, as was husband’s ‘A Town Called Mercy’ version of 11. We’d make it about 10-15 feet before we were stopped for a photo, but once we were stopped crowds would just gather. It was amazing. At once point we were standing behind the celebrity area just to relax for a few moments, and Elvira walked past. She actually stopped to tell me she loved my TARDIS gown, and I just about died.
It was really nice on Sunday to experience the less attention-filled side of things as well. Our 10 & Rose costumes were popular but we weren’t stopped nearly as often, which gave us the opportunity to actually browse and fully experience the Expo. We ended up getting tattoos at the end of the first day; Unity Tattoo was doing live tattoos at the expo, and one of their artists was a huge Doctor Who fan. I now have a lovely little blue line art TARDIS on the inside of my left ankle, and darling husband has a black shaded Dalek. Yeah, we were still wearing our costumes when we did this.



Both tattoo photos are immediately after being finished, so they’re still tender with some extra ink smears. I’m looking forward to the shots from Sunday; as awesome as the ballgown was I absolutely LOVED my Rose Tyler outfit, and we took some awesome photos with Mark. Devin and I are both very much looking forward to next year, and are already discussing costumes!

Edit, May 10th: I got the TARDIS tattoo filled in. I decided the wood grain wasn’t something I liked (it also wasn’t part of the original sketch, it just happened when I wasn’t looking), and I wanted to be happy with the tattoo. Here’s how it looks now:


If the original lines were straight it’d be much better, but I’m quite happy with it now!

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