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A new dress in the works..

My friend N is getting married next weekend. I’ve spent the past few weeks hand-beading a veil for her, off and on, with Swarovski crystal beads and little silver beads. It was my lazy sit on the couch project post Fan Expo, and now that it’s done I decided to make something to wear to her wedding and use up some of the fabric stash I have.

When I made the black one shoulder anniversary dress, I had over 3m of fabric left over. I still have quite a bit left, but decided to use the same pattern as my Rose Tyler dress, Simplicity 4070, as it’s a fairly easy pattern to work with for a base. I cut out the circle skirt and bodice from the satin, but that’s just plain and boring. Chiffon was on sale at Fabricland, so I picked up 3m of it and decided to do a chiffon overlay on the dress. 

One shot without flash, and one with. I know taking photos of black on black isn’t the greatest for showing detail. Here I started draping one side of the bodice. I was aiming for something similar to two formal dresses I own, as I love the style of them but they aren’t exactly wedding appropriate. I also see this style all the time on wedding dresses and formal gowns, so I wanted to try doing it myself.

This is the side of the dress, which was much easier to pin. I was able to lay it flat on my ironing board with a rotary cutter mat underneath to pin it. 

Just after completing the other half of the front, which was followed by a repeat of the side. I just did a quick basting stitch to hold the folds in place, as the waistband that’s added later will secure the bottom and the lining will secure the top.

Without and with flash, again. This shows the draping across the top of the bodice, as well as the skirt. The chiffon was cut longer and wider than the pattern called for, and then gathered & attached to the waistband of the skirt. When I have the whole thing together and am able to put it on, I’ll decide how long/short I want it and hem the chiffon about an inch longer than the satin. 

A lot of this is still just pinned. The top seam on the waistband is connected, and the bodice is just pinned to the skirt on the dress form. I wanted to make sure the bottom fold on the waist would hide the seam line.

Just a closer look. The one random pin above the waistband is a small part where I have to tack down the chiffon overlay by hand. 

Showing where the waist seam will be.

The back’s a bit of a mess right now. I was pinning/sewing til about 10:30 last night, and then gave in and went to bed. I’ll be finishing it this weekend. I’m undecided as to what exactly I’m doing with the back; whether it’ll be invisible zipper, regular zipper or if I’m going to add lengths to the waistband and be able to tie a bow over the zipper. 

The side of the dress, and yes I know my skirt seam needs to be pressed/steamed. I’m really careful with chiffon and heat, and was too tired to concentrate and do it properly last night.

Also a small, pleasant surprise. My serger does a three thread narrow overlock stitch, so now the seams on the chiffon and the hem will be much tidier than originally planned! 

I still have to finish basting the waistband in place, connect the skirt to the bodice, and then put the boning in the lining and sew it to the bodice. After that is hemming and zippers! I figure I’ll have it done over the weekend, so hopefully by Monday I’ll be able to post some photos of me wearing it.

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