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New dress, 98% complete!

As promised, an update on the new black dress! I worked on it last night while best friend K was over; we had a girly night of Disney movies, sewing and homework.

I prefer to use bias tape to create channels for my boning. Here I’ve pinned the bias tape to each seam, with the seams individually serged and pressed open. At the top right of my ironing board, you can see the massive cable tie that I’m using for boning. I’ve heard about doing this before, and always used Rigilene boning from Fabricland, so I decided to try the cable ties this time.

Here, the bias tape is sewn onto the lining.

Just a closeup shot of the stitching; since the cable ties are larger and stronger than the typical small ones, I had to be very careful to stitch very close to the edge of the bias tape. I was able to fit the cable ties into the casing as planned, but it was a very tight fit. Now that I’ve had the dress on I’m quite happy with the cable tie method of boning; Rigilene is crap and has a tendency to bend however it feels like but the cable ties are sturdy. They’re also cheap and readily available, which is a huge bonus!

I didn’t take any pictures as I finished it, but I’ve put an invisible zipper in the back (successfully this time despite the added surface layers, unlike the anniversary dress!!) and hemmed it with the serger. I did the narrow three thread overlock stitch with narrow stitches on both the satin and chiffon, and am quite happy with how it looks. I say it’s only 98% complete because there are two small things I still have to do; the top of the zipper needs a hook & eye, and there’s thread tails on both the hem and at the back that have to be tucked in/removed. I didn’t put the chiffon part of the skirt into the invisible zipper, so it also has the overlock stitch hemming it. It needs to be tacked down under the waistband pleat. However, I was far too impatient and after foiling some more highlights into my hair today I was feeling pretty and decided to make the husband take photos of me in the dress.

Husband and two of his friends have seen it in progress, and saw the final dress on the dress form this afternoon. They know I made it, but firmly believe it looks store bought. This makes me happy. 🙂

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