Sneak Preview & FAQ

I just had some new fabric delivered for my next major project, and thought I’d share a sneak preview of what’s in the works. This isn’t overly exciting, it’s just a stack of fabric.. but what that fabric will become should be fun!

Here we have (from top to bottom) 4 yards light yellow habutae lining, 10 yards yellow taffeta, 3 yards royal blue habutae lining, 3 yards navy blue velvet and 3 yards heavyweight sew-in interfacing. This batch came from onlinefabricstore.net, and so far I’m quite happy with my purchases. Even with the cost of shipping into Canada, it was considerably cheaper than buying at a store here and still excellent quality. Still in the mail (and hopefully arriving this week!) is another 3 yards of yellow taffeta in a different shade, 1 yard of yellow chiffon and 3 yards black tropical-weight suiting from Fabric.com

Any guesses what this will be turned into? 

I also thought it might be helpful to do a bit of an FAQ/About Me, as nearly every time I post a sewing project on Reddit people ask the same questions. I’m happy to answer, but figured it wouldn’t hurt sticking them all in one place anyway. 🙂

Are you professionally trained or self-taught?

Technically you could say both! I’ve never taken a sewing class in my life, but my aunt is a professional seamstress. When I was about 8 or 9 she and my grandmother both started teaching me; it took until I was about 11 or 12 for it to really catch my interest. Most of it came from my grandmother (basic skills, troubleshooting.. hell, I still call her to bounce ideas off her!), but my aunt gets to take credit for throwing challenges my way. I showed up to my cousin’s wedding when I was about 16 and was sat down at a sewing machine to help with alterations on the bridesmaids dresses! Their expertise helped me create three prom dresses in my last year of high school: a white tulle and satin ballgown for myself, a purple and black satin/organza gown for a friend, and a black taffeta/pink charmeuse corseted back a-line strapless dress that I ended up selling to a friend of my mother’s for her daughter. After high school I was pretty much on my own, and have been creating costumes ever since.

A lot of what I know how to do now has been from trial and error as well as experience. The majority of my sewing skills have been put towards costuming, but lately I’ve been working more on regular clothing. 

How long have you been sewing?

Well, I started learning at 8-9, but if we count from 11-12 when I actually started caring about it? That puts me at 14-15 years of experience.

What machines/equipment do you use?

For machines, I have a Janome CT2480LX and a Brother 1134D serger. I also have a dress form that I swear by now, and wonder how I ever got on without it before. My setup is pretty simple; I have a little shelving unit with bins and boxes that contain all my fabric, notions and various small equipment. I also have our old rectangular kitchen table that I keep both machines set up on, and work from there. Usually with the TV running in the background. 

Can you do a tutorial on __________?

Probably, yes. Just ask! I have a lot of planned projects in the works, so what you’d like to see may or may not align with them. I do have a regular full-time job and do this in my spare time, so please keep in mind that this is a hobby. 🙂

Do you take commissions?

Not usually; I’m willing to consider things depending on what it is you’re looking for, your budget and time frame. I don’t like to take on new projects unless I know for sure I have the time and skills required.

Will you make me a TARDIS dress?

I’m so sorry, but I don’t plan on making the TARDIS ballgown again. That dress was a challenge and while I learned a lot about my sewing abilities in the process, and likely would be able to do it again in less time, I just can’t bring myself to do it. That dress is very special to me, and now belongs to a lovely lady that just had to have it. I’d rather keep it as an original, one of a kind creation.

Will you make/sell a pattern for the TARDIS dress?

Again I’m sorry, but no. You’re welcome to try to create it yourself, but I will not be making or selling a pattern for it. The only part I actually patterned was the corset, and the rest was all freehand or draping. Also figuring out the fairness of money for it would be a nightmare; it’s Anne-Louise Richards’ design, but my work on the pattern itself.

And lastly, a bit about myself.

My name is Crystal, I’m 26 and I live on Vancouver Island. I’m married to an absolutely amazing man, and his job in the navy makes for a challenging lifestyle. I spend my free time during his deployments sewing anything I can think of to keep myself busy. I am a huge Doctor Who fan (so much that I have a TARDIS tattoo) if it wasn’t obvious by the TARDIS gown, and could talk about it for hours. I’m also a fan of Iron Man (RDJ, who isn’t?!), The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sherlock and pretty much everything Disney. I read ridiculously fast and absorb books like they’re going out of style. When I’m not sewing or working my office job I’m taking advantage of the time I get with the husband while he’s home. 

2 thoughts on “Sneak Preview & FAQ”

  1. I didn't even think it might look like TARDIS fabric!! It's definitely not, I'm so sorry. It's actually making two costumes, I'll be doing a bit of a progress post shortly. 🙂

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