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Belle is finished!

12 days of sewing, roughly 10 yards combined of taffeta and chiffon, 4 yards of spiral steel boning, 11 chiffon covered gold buttons and around 7 metres of broadcloth and lace gathered onto one massive hoopskirt. It’s done!! 

Last we left off, I had done the outside of the corset and pinned it onto the skirt. Here’s how it progressed as well as some awesome photos of the finished dress.

Sleeve drafting and lacing was a bit more tedious than I expected it would be, but it came out well. I took a large strip of broadcloth and pinned it until I was happy with it, then cut matching pieces of taffeta and chiffon and attached it to the neckline of the corset. The lacing loops were very skinny taffeta tubes over cotton cord for strength, and the lacing itself is about a 1/2″ wide.

Sleeves sewn on, and then pinned along the top where I later hand stitched them.

The swags on the skirt came next, and ended up being one long tube of taffeta and chiffon. I pinned them on just for fun in the next picture, and then later hand stitched them on. When I sewed them on they were more even than they are here. All of the buttons were metallic gold; I covered them in chiffon by sewing the chiffon around the shank of the button, and then added a bit of glue to keep it all there.

And the finished product!

Yes, I walked into a book store like this. They loved it.

I found Phillipe!

The fundraising event was pretty good, but there were hardly any kids who were excited about a Disney princess! It was more of a car show than anything, the most excited little girl who saw me was with her mother going into the fabric store as I was leaving. (Fabric store is across from the arena we were at, and I promised my favourite girl there that I’d show her my dress.) 

After the fundraiser, the husband and I went downtown to take some awesome photos of the dress. We completely forgot that there was both a parade and a bike race going on, so trying to maneuver to the locations we wanted was pretty ridiculous. We walked 3/4 around the race before we finally found a point where we could cross and get to the book shop. There was also a pirate boat going through the harbour with a bunch of kids on board, and when they saw me they were yelling ‘LOOK! A PRINCESS! COME DOWN HERE PRINCESS, WE WANT YOUR JEWELS!’ ..Pretty funny! 

My favourite moment, though, was one of the little girls we passed while trying to get to the bookshop. She’d whacked her head on the fence separating the road from the sidewalk and was crying, so I stopped to talk to her. She was really sniffly and upset so I gave her a hug but she said it still hurt and asked me to kiss her head better. It was so damned cute. I talked with her for a few minutes and then her dad took a few photos of us, and she was much happier by the time I left.

I’m looking forward to making the rest of the princess dresses; I have Ariel’s pink dinner gown in the works right now, and will be doing Cinderella after that. 

Husband is still going to be my Prince Adam, but I’m holding off on his costume for a bit. I knew I couldn’t get it done by Sunday, and then we also found out that he may be deploying again in the next week or so. If he is, he’ll miss our next event. I don’t want to rush to make his costume if he won’t be here to wear it, so I may just hang onto the fabric for the masquerade ball in October and make it closer to then.

7 thoughts on “Belle is finished!”

  1. Crystal, what do you do with your costumes once they’ve been worn? I’m planning on making a dress based off a superhero, but it’s too depressing that I’ll put in so much time into an outfit that I’ll only wear once.

    1. It depends on the costume. Most of them I’ve sold, either via people contacting me online or to a local shop that now rents them out. The Disney Princess gowns I’ll be making I’m keeping, as I’m now volunteering with the Vancouver Island Children’s Health Foundation. I dress up as a princess and go entertain kids at their fundraisers, or visit them in the hospital. Find an excuse to wear your dress more than once! Put it on and go take photos in a public place. You’ll have a blast, and might get enough attention that someone will want to buy it from you. 🙂

  2. I’m planning my own Belle costume for halloween and I was wondering how you planned out the math for your skirt pattern to get the drape right. (except I’m using habotal instead of taffeta because that’s what I could afford :/ I’m terrified that the skirt isn’t going to ruche right.)

    1. I honestly couldn’t even tell you. I’m sure ages ago it started out as a commercial pattern, but I’ve re-drawn and re-shaped it so many times on brown craft paper that it isn’t even close to the original. Check Simplicity, McCalls and Vogue, they all have really great corset patterns that you could modify.

  3. Did you ever get a reply to this? If so what was it? I asked the same question on the first post of this costume and never got an answer. Could someone clue me in too? Thanks!

    1. I did reply to the previous person but when I imported everything here from Blogspot it didn’t all make the transfer. You also posted both of your comments about five minutes apart, which is why you didn’t have an answer on the first post yet. You do now, by the way, and I just tracked down my reference sketch to find the exact measurements I used. Each panel, including seam allowances, was 6.25″ across the top and 28″ at the bottom, and about 79″ long.

      99% of the comment notifications I get for this blog are spam, so I usually deal with them about once a week. Please be patient and give me a chance to get through all the spam to find legit comments. 🙂

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