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Disney Princess Series Part 3 – Snow White!

After Belle and Cinderella were such a hit, I decided it was time to create the original Disney princess, Snow White. I already had an idea in mind of how I wanted to put it together, and fabric waiting for it, so it was a matter of putting that idea on paper and making it a reality.

I really need to get better at documenting my progress with these dresses.. the problem is I get on a roll and don’t even think to stop for photos!
As I’ve done with all of the princesses so far, I started with wig styling. I keep my styrofoam wig head on my vanity, so I see it every day. I find it helps keep me focused on working on each dress, as it’s a daily reminder that I’ve got a project in the works! The wig I purchased for Snow White was a shoulder length straight black wig with long bangs parted to the side. It needed to have a straight part and be curly, so out came some bobby pins and the handheld garment steamer!
Surprisingly, steaming the synthetic wig fibers works quite well without melting anything. I’ve read about methods involving putting the wig in boiling water, but I tried that once and it was a miserable failure. This gave me the loose curls and body I was looking for, so I’m happy with it!
The whole outfit was put together with a bunch of different concepts I’ve worked with before. The corset is almost the same as my Cinderella corset; I left the bottom pointy on it instead of rounding it off like for Cinderella, and I made it so the little straps would be more off-the-shoulder for the sleeves. I made the yellow piping for the center of the corset out of thin cotton cord and a strip of the skirt fabric. The skirt is a 7 panel skirt with a wide waistband. It was a bit of a pain to work out; since the pattern on the skirt went in only one direction I had to fiddle with the fabric to get the most width possible for the hem.
Disney Princess Series Part 3 - Snow White!
The slashed sleeves were something that I knew how I wanted to do long before I started putting the outfit together. The animated movie has them drawn like little teardrops on the blue sleeve. While that’s nice it’s not my kind of thing. I love how the Disney Parks dresses look with their style of slashed sleeves, so I decided I would go with their concept. I don’t like how they use a really light blue fabric on the sleeve though. I wanted mine to be the same colour as the corset, so I stitched a very skinny light blue ribbon onto it for contrast. The red satin was cut almost the full width of the fabric and then gathered for maximum poofiness.
481b9-20130807_200059Disney Princess Series Part 3 - Snow White!
The collar was a challenge I was looking forward to. I had an idea in mind, it was a matter of how to execute it! I was nosy and peeked through some pattern instructions for ideas. The official Simplicity Snow White pattern had a narrower collar that appeared to only be held up with interfacing. Another pattern had a pointy collar held up with 24 gauge craft wire. That didn’t seem strong enough to hold up my fabric, but their method was a solid idea! I went with a rounder version of that collar, and used heavy duty cable ties and a stiff interfacing to keep the collar upright. Each piece of cable tie went into a bias tape casing sewn directly onto the interfacing, and was then sandwiched between the fabric. The collar is held on inside the corset with velcro, so I can remove it to get into it if I need to.
44913-20130812_211427 ecce9-20130812_211508
The back of the corset is laced with grommets and poly/cotton cording. I don’t know what the issue was with these grommets as I’ve used the exact same ones before, but this time the metal split at the back and ended up tearing through two different lacings I made for the corset. After two rounds with the hot glue gun I’d managed to smooth over all the sharp bits, and I went with the heavier poly/cotton cording to lace it up. This is also the first princess costume I haven’t sewn bra cups into (I’m running out of the ones I got in Vancouver!), so I whipped up a quick modesty panel to cover the strapless bra I wore under it.
I wore this costume to a fundraiser for Cops for Cancer/Tour de Rock, and will likely be wearing it again for round 2 next week. They do a fundraiser prior to the local mall showing movies on a blow up drive-in theatre screen in the parking lot. I convinced a friend to dress up in my Cinderella gown, and we wandered the mall with the husband as Prince Charming to make sure people knew about the fundraiser and went out there! It was a lot of fun, we had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to do it again next week.

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