Disney Princess Series Part 4 – Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Let the classic princesses continue!! I had a free weekend to sew thanks to my husband’s work schedule, so I managed to finish Aurora from 8am Saturday morning to 11pm Tuesday night. 

I used the same pattern I made for my Belle corset, but extended the upper bodice to accommodate the white collar. I also added armholes. I did this by taking my original pattern pieces, tracing them onto brown craft paper and then extending the lines upwards. The armholes I free-handed between each piece.

The sleeves were cut from a light pink mesh (stretchy fabric really helped being able to move!). I cut them a bit taller than necessary just to allow for any give in the fabric when adding on the white collar. I used black ribbon pinned onto the dress form as a guide for the white collar, and then some stiff interfacing to actually make a pattern. I pinned a scrap of it along the black ribbon and cut until I was happy with it, and then used it to trace onto the white satin and more heavy interfacing. The white collar was machine-stitched onto the corset at the front and then slip-stitched down at the back.

Next came the light pink pointed waist bits, which were a nightmare. I must’ve tried 4 or 5 different drafts of the pattern before I found something I liked. I was getting so frustrated with it that I stopped taking pictures and just re-did it until I was happy. In the end I made more piping to put along the bottom of the corset, and then topstitched between the piping and the corset to attach the light pink. I slipstitched it closed along the lining. 

The loops were also quite fun, but much better than the grommets I used on my last two dresses. They were a bit wider than I wanted due to the fabric fraying easily and not being able to find a single small safety pin in my house. They were stitched, pressed to the inside with an added boning casing and then top stitched down. 

Monday night I drafted up the skirt, cut it out and put it all together with the exception of hemming. I put it on the dress form over a hoopskirt and decided that was too full, but it was helpful for trimming off the edge of the dress to have the skirt at an acceptable length.

The skirt is four wide panels and then 8 smaller ones that are almost triangular, to create the splits in the skirt at the bottom of each waist point. 

The crown was made from craft foam, hot glue, mod podge, Rub & Buff in gold leaf and then floor varnish. I drew the design onto craft paper and made a test paper version to sit around my head. Then I cut it out from the craft foam, glued it together, and layered loads of mod podge on it to seal the foam. Quite a few alternating coats of Rub & Buff followed by floor varnish, and voila! Crown!

And finally, some pictures wearing it! These were at 9pm after a volunteer session, so the hem is now very dirty and we had to take them in the lobby of our apartment as it was too dark anywhere else. 

Spinning didn’t go too well, it wasn’t bright enough to get a nice pohot, but it helps to show how massive the skirt is! 

My next princess will be Rapunzel. I just have to convince myself that I do NOT need an almost $300 replica of her crown from Etsy… But it’s sooo pretty!! 

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