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Disney Princess Series Part 5 – Rapunzel

The biggest challenge I knew I’d have with Rapunzel was her hair. I knew immediately that I’d be doing her big braid from her visit to Corona, as there was no way I was buying enough hair to make (and then have to manage) a 70 foot wig! It took me about a week and a half (and I ended up destroying my Sleeping Beauty wig as I needed more hair, it was the right colour and I didn’t want to wait for another wig to arrive), but when I was finished I was so happy! Then of course when I put it on with the finished costume all hell broke loose, and I thought I was going to have to be brunette Rapunzel for the fundraiser. I put the extra hair in too high on the wig cap, which made it not fit my head. I was afraid to try to move it down as there was loads of glue mixed into the hair for the flowers, but after spending two days looking at replacement wigs I decided that it was worth trying to move them before shelling out $100+ on more hair. Fortunately moving them worked, the wig was a bit messy but I smoothed it down with some Got2B Glued hairspray.

As I’d mentioned in the Flynn Rider post, pretty much all of the fabric I bought ended up not being the right colour I wanted. In my defense I bought fabric for Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel back in June in one big shopping spree at Dressew in Vancouver. I was overly excited as it was my first time there (and seriously, best fabric store ever!), and was working off a single picture for Rapunzel as a reference. Fortunately everything I bought was too light, so I was able to dye it. Once again, iDye Poly to the rescue!
I drafted my corset out in broadcloth, then cut the duchess satin and poplin lining and threw it in a pot of dye. I did lots of tests with scraps first so I could make sure I had the right shade. I ended up remaking the sleeves as well; my first sleeve I got carried away and didn’t make a cotton mockup (because I am stupid), so the second time I made sure I did and it was perfect! In the end I went with an off the shoulder sleeve for more mobility; I’ve read writeups from many girls who have made Rapunzel’s outfit, and mobility was definitely a concern. I can pull them up over my shoulders if necessary, but I really like how the off the shoulder version looks and it’s considerably more comfortable.
Disney Princess Series Part 5 - Rapunzel130e3-20130829_195800
The skirt was 8 panels of lilac satin and a center panel of embroidered purple taffeta. This all got run through the pot of dye to get a better shade of purple. The front panels were smaller than the back to accommodate for an even hem. When serging the inside seams the taffeta got caught in the knife and ended up with a hole, so I took that opportunity to remove it to make adding the designs on the skirt easier. Fortunately I had extra taffeta to replace it!
b52b7-20130831_202502 0462f-20130831_160853 Disney Princess Series Part 5 - Rapunzel
I found a reference image for the embroidery patterns around the skirt, blew it up to the correct size for each panel and then ended up tracing around the edges to make sure it was clear. Then, with that as a reference on top of my fabric, I freehanded the designs onto the skirt with chalk and painted them. Eventually I will embroider over them, but for now I am content with the paint. I also did a 7mm wide light pink satin stitch the whole way around to hem the skirt and add the same stitch Rapunzel has on her skirt.
I did add the white petticoat underneath with a lace edge, but after hemming both the lace comes just under the edge of the overskirt and isn’t really visible. At some point I will fix that.
Once the waistband was on the skirt it was completed and I was back to finishing the corset! I did the double boning channels the whole way around, and it is completely spiral steel boning. The lilac contrast that is supposed to be the blouse under the corset was done like a modesty panel for a corset back gown. Grommets were installed (eventually I will make them purple like hers) and I hand stitched the lace across the top and bottom. The sleeves are a light pink stretch mesh that I painted designs onto, leading up to the puffed sleeves with top stitched ribbon.
I didn’t take many pictures as I finished the corset, so instead I’ll just give you loads of images of the finished product!
We showed up at the SPCA Paws for a Cause walk on Sunday, and while the event itself is awesome it really wasn’t the right fit for a couple of Disney characters to show up. We saw the same 5 kids over and over (only two of them were in the age group that cared) and it just got awkward. The looks we were getting from many of the adults seemed to say ‘who are you, and what are you doing here dressed like that?!’ …I don’t know, I figured puppies and kids go hand in hand, they had a bouncy castle, it seemed like a good idea.. but we only lasted about 45 minutes before it just got too weird. I definitely support their cause and everything they’re doing, and will look for a better fit for our next event.
We went to Craigdarroch Castle and the Government House to take photos afterwards, and then had lunch at Red Robin still in costume. We have a new favourite server there who is pretty amazing, and quite a few kids at the restaurant were happy to see us!

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    1. Thank you! My serger is a Brother 1134D, and my sewing machine is a Husqvarna Tribute 140C. Amazing machine, exactly the same as this year’s special edition except red, and was half the price as it was from last year. I love it, it’s greatly improved my work!

    1. Which photo are you referring to? I had about 12 different ones printed out and stuck up on my wall while working on this, plus a massive folder of them saved on my laptop.

    1. Happy to help! I wish I remembered where I found it so I could give credit, I saved it and then lost track completely. 😦

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