The Makings of Flynn Rider

…or Eugene Fitzherbert, as I prefer!

I’m starting with Eugene and leading up to my Rapunzel outfit, but let me just say I am incredibly proud of how this one turned out, and how quickly! My husband was thrilled at the idea of dressing as Flynn; he’s probably Devin’s favourite now, and he loves the costume. 

I rushed to get it put together for the SPCA Paws for a Cause walk this Sunday, so the boot covers and little belt pouch aren’t the greatest. I will re-make the pouch and satchel at some point, and I’m also going to buy him appropriate boots.

I drafted the pattern over Wednesday and Thursday night, and then spent Friday night colouring the fabric while the husband was at work. It seems like nearly everything we acquired for these costumes wasn’t quite the right colour! He bought the faux suede in Vancouver, and while it’s the perfect fabric it was cornflower blue. Flynn’s doublet is considerably more teal.

Here’s all the pieces cut out and drying from being coloured (dye-na-flow fabric paint is a miracle, by the way!), as well as a colour comparison of how the fabric originally looked.

All of the sewing was done on Saturday. I am slightly insane. Aside from an hour of running around for last minute supplies, I worked on this from 10am to 2:30am. I started by basting the upper back and chest overlays onto the main pieces, and then quilting it all together. I ended up using painters tape as a guide for the lines, which was amazing as it didn’t mark the fabric at all!

Next came adding the collar and sleeves. I should point out that at this point I was SO thankful for my new sewing machine.. my old Janome would’ve probably had a heart attack sewing through this many layers of thick fabric, but my Husqvarna handled it like a dream.

The lining was the last bit of sewing. I machine stitched almost the whole way around for it, with some slip stitching at the back of the collar and at the armholes. Once that was in, it was time for rivets and buckles! The buckles aren’t screen accurate, but Devin really liked them so I just went with it. I actually took the doublet out to the parking lot of my apartment at 11:30 at night to hammer in the rivets; didn’t want to make my neighbours angry and didn’t want to wait til morning to do it! The doublet was finished by midnight, the rest of the time I stayed up working on it was spent on the boot covers and little hip pouch. I decided against making the satchel (for now) as I am still waiting for crown supplies to arrive. No point in giving Flynn his satchel if he has nothing to put in it!

I didn’t take photos as I made the boot covers and satchel.. honestly I just started drawing on the vinyl with chalk and stitching things together as I was exhausted. I did get photos of my husband in the entire getup though! His pants were a pair of sweatpants that I put through a round of polyester iDye in brown. I may dye them again with a cotton dye, as the pants are a poly/cotton blend.

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