Costuming, Disney Princess Series

The Next Princess

I’ll be honest, I’ve been swamped lately. I’m working on three commissions right now, plus my own projects. Posts have been severely lacking and for that I apologize; I haven’t been sharing what I’m working on as I don’t have permission from the intended recipients of these commissions. If that changes I’ll be sure to post more! My own projects have been pushed to the back burner until I get these commissions done, which I am aiming to have them all finished in the next month.

I’ve also entered my Belle gown into a local costume competition, voting is here is you should feel so inclined. 🙂 It’s being run by Ballet Victoria to promote their upcoming performances of Frankenstein. A photo of me wearing the TARDIS ballgown is part of the banner, so it only made sense that I enter! The deadline is midnight on Halloween, and there’s more entries being added every day.

With that said I am still gradually working on my next princess; little bits here and there when I just need a break from the commissioned stuff!


The wig is styled and the accessories are made, but when I’m done sewing Ariel will be my most flexible princess yet. She will have three outfit options. One is the pink and white gown she wears when having dinner with Prince Eric; my version is going to be taking a bit of creative license with it. It will be ivory and a soft dusty rose with loads of trim and beaded accents. Options two and three will be mermaid!Ariel, one with a walking tail and the other with a swimming tail. I am still waiting for my monofin to arrive in the mail, but it will happen! I’m hoping to take the swimming tail version to Cancun in December and get some really amazing shots in it.

If I get permission to post about any of my commissions I’ll update again soon, but in the meantime please enjoy my ridiculous Ariel fishfaces. 🙂

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