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The TARDIS Ballgown and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

Back in September I was contacted by a lovely lady named Amanda, who was interested in acquiring a TARDIS ballgown for a very special event. After talking with her about where and why she wanted to wear the gown, I knew that I had to help make her dreams come true.

Amanda and Brandon have quite the incredible story about how they ended up together, which I highly recommend reading on their blog. They’re still newlyweds, but between their absolute love of each other and Doctor Who, the 50th Anniversary Wedding/Vow Renewal was too good of an opportunity to pass up. With Amanda being the co-founder of the Doctor Who Society of Canada, the show itself playing a huge role in both their lives, and their Doctor Who themed wedding earlier this year, it’s no surprise that their dream honeymoon in England will turn into a vow renewal.

They are the only couple attending from Canada, so being Canadian myself I understood the desire to have a Canadian made dress for the ceremony. We hammered out the details, got measurements, and got to work. While we’re both in the same country we’re almost as far from each other as you can get; Amanda is in Ontario and I am in British Columbia, so I am highly impressed that we managed to coordinate this all via email. Once the supplies had arrived it was time to get to work!

There were many late nights but in the end, it’s all been gloriously worth it. Everything I learned from making my first TARDIS gown was put into this one to ensure it was perfect from the start. Straighter windows, better quality lining materials, nicer lacing and a hoopskirt as a foundation garment vs a bulky crinoline. The hoopskirt itself came about as I wear one with all of my princess gowns, and find it considerably easier to maneuver in as opposed to a petticoat without hoops. The corset part of the gown took the longest, but once it was all put together I was incredibly proud and anxious to get it shipped out.



With the gown taken care of, now the only challenge is fundraising. I had heard about the 50th Anniversary/Wedding celebration months ago, and was quite surprised to find that there’s a hefty entrance fee. It’s entirely understandable, I had just been under the impression that, as it’s to be broadcast worldwide, the event might be a bit less pricey to be part of as it would be sponsored. Oh how wrong I was!

Amanda and Brandon still have quite a ways to go in terms of fundraising, and with their departure date looming every little bit helps. You can click here to visit their GoFundMe page where they are accepting donations, as well as visit their Facebook page. Amanda’s also been running a blog about their experience trying to get to the celebration. All three pages will also lead you to interviews they have done with local media.

They have their costumes and each other, now they just need your help to make it to England! Please consider donating to help make their dreams come true, or at least spread the word.

3 thoughts on “The TARDIS Ballgown and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who”

  1. This dress is beautiful; what a great project! I do some sewing myself and I’m curious how you did the text panel at the top of the bodice? It looks great!

    1. Thank you! The text panel is a stencil I made from freezer paper by tracing it over my laptop screen and then cutting it out with an exacto knife. It’s all fabric paint. Going forward I’ll be able to do it with my embroidery machine though. 🙂

  2. would you make one for me ? if so how much would that cost? my name is tia and im in love with that dress for my wedding!

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